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I want to test my hardware

Does anyone have a large 3D solids dwg file that can be uploaded so I can see how my machine reacts to navigating it?


  • Just make an 3D Array of a Sphere - say 100x100x10 and You can easily kill BricsCAD :)

  • I thought about doing that but it's artificial. I wanted to see a real world complicated drawing react to a copy, move, etc and then start cutting it back to see at what point I considered performance reasonable on my current old box.

    I exported a large drawing I did a few months ago using my existing CAD app, but it only exports in DXF which made opening it in BricsCAD just about useless. Nothing but triangles on a single layer when the original has 48 layers.

  • My experience with all dwg software is they are slower than any history based solid modelers - like IronCAD, SolidWorks, SolidEdge and TopSolid. Rhino also is much faster even with imported dwg files. Sometimes AutoCAD is faster than BricsCAD despite all the marketing fuss. BricsCAD is very slow with solids made from splines. AutoCAD is much better with this and has better 3D modeling tools that are missing in BricsCAD - nurbs and meshes. The render in AutoCAD is also much better.

  • I always thought Bricscad on Mac was much slower in 3D OpenGL than
    my Vectorworks. Now I built a PC with RTX 2070 vs D700 in old Mac Pro
    and saw that the same Files also lag on PC.
    Like a DWG from Revit with 400 (single used) Blocks and not everything
    came in as proper Solids.
    Now, only after cleaning things up, the Model runs fine - in all my Apps.
    All Apps had problems first, for different reasons though.

    What I realized is that Bricscad is terribly slow with Faces, Meshes and
    3D Polygons.
    Like a Vectorworks DWG export with nice Solids for Architecture but a
    few Block Instances for Mesh Trees. You can try if you export a Model
    by DAE (Meshes) and import it back into Bricscad.

    Unfortunately lots of Vectorworks BIM Geometry will only come in into
    Bricscad as Surfaces instead of Solids. But I think Surfaces aren't as bad
    or Bricscad than 3D Polygons.

    But the Cube instances Test is viable.
    Your GPU and Graphic API don't care if there are 5 Million Polygons
    to calculate from simple Cubes vs nice HVAC Piping.
    Although using Instances and Blocks usually helps also in OpenGL,
    when loading Geometry into GPU's VRAM.

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