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default search paths, win 10

Somehow, I have managed to get all of the autocad search paths into Bricscad. I think I need all of the Bricscad default search paths (for Windows 10 pro) so I can enter them in the correct place in Settings.
Thanks for your help.

Best Answer

  • Hi Tom,

    A simple way is just to create another profile and run BricsCAD with it. The new profile will setup with the default search paths by default. To do this:

    • With BricsCAD running make sure GETSTARTED is turned on in SETTINGS.
    • Close BricsCAD down, then restart.
    • When the getting started dialogue appears, select the 'Profile Presets' option.
    • Select one of the profile options and give it a name when prompted. Choose a different name to any profile you want to keep.
    • Back on the 'Get Started' section, check that your new profile is selected, then start a new drawing. BricsCAD will run using this profiles defaults.
    • Run SETTTINGS and go to SRCHPATH. You should see the default BricsCAD folders listed.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

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