Need a new CAD monitor for old tired eyes

I'm looking for opinions on monitors.
Size - I'm considering 27/30"
Curved or flat screen
Anything else you might want to contribute for what I should be considering.


  • As someone who also has old tired eyes, I say go big as you can.
    I have two 32" monitors, a 2k and a 4k, on an Nvidia Quadro P1000 video card and am happy with the setup. I have the main drawing window on the 4k, and a web browser, reference material (help file) open on the 2k.
    I would check/consider the video card as well for supported resolution., etc.
    Monitors seem to vary by model number, I read all the reviews I can when narrowing down the search.

  • @mlwebb

    Are your monitors curved or flat? Seems like curved is all the rage, but for drawing I'm thinking flat is preferred. I've been using a 17" and a 19" plus lots of eye drops.

  • Terry Dotson
    edited December 2018

    Don't buy a TV for PC/CAD work. I've used dell 3014 for years with fairly old/tired eyes. The 2560 x 1600 resolution means font's are not so tiny and you can use 100% font scaling and avoid problems with > 100.

    "I won't retire but I might retread"

  • @Terry Dotson

    I haven't owned a TV or watched TV for 13 years.
    I looked up the Dell 3014 on Amazon and there's a newer model available. I read the specs and it's in line with what I was thinking about.

    Thanks for the input.

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