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Edge fillet with 2 radius

Is it possible to set two radius in fillet command?

I need to set different radius in the fillet but I cannot figure out how to do it in BricsCAD.

Attach is an example I made in Rhino.



  • To my knowledge, variable radius fillets are not currently supported - you have to loft two curves to produce this kind of geometry.
    This is of course less convenient, but on the other hand the resulting geometry is IMO cleaner: try to snap to the centers of the fillets - in the NURBS-based model, you can't do this (the edges are splines), in the ACIS-based model you can...

  • Not directly, as far as I know. However, the same effect can be achieved as in your example by lofting a shape between two closed polylines, the lower with a corner fillet of 5 and the upper 2.

  • Thanks for reply. Sometime I need to do a fillet on a more complex solid, and the edge is not a straight line, loft is not easy to setup.

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