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editing BIM section view names in sheet sets

edited December 2018 in BricsCAD BIM

I am struggling with workflow between BIM model and 2D drawing layouts (using BricsCAD Platinum V18.2.20 x64). Four elements related to a BIM section view that should be interlinked are not working in tandem for me:

  1. section plane entity in BIM model.
  2. section view in a sheet layout.
  3. corresponding sheet view item in a sheet set.
  4. section callout tags in a related view, e.g., vertical section cut symbols appearing on a horizontal plan view.

I can generate all these initially, but I cannot figure out how to modify the names (section title or number) later while preserving cross-references. Suppose I change the Section Entity Name property in the 3D model from "Section Plane (1)" to "Section A-A", for example. Then upon running _bimsectionupdate on that section entity, whether or not the model has also changed, the old drawing view and its view label remain unchanged in the layout, but instead a new drawing view is created off to the side with the new label. And both sheet views now appear in the Sheet Set—where I cannot delete any items?? Even if I delete the original "Section Plane (1)" block entity and its viewport, purge and regenerate, it remains listed in the Sheet Set!

However, if I run _bimsectionupdate on a plan section entity that is targeted to a different sheet drawing file, when I look at that sheet view, the vertical section callout tag has updated correctly to "Section A-A". (This is more as expected, although actually I prefer the tag symbols to simply say "A" rather than "Section A-A", which spills outside the bubble, but alas, maybe I can fix that by redefining attribute fields....)

Alternatively, I can modify a sheet view name in the Sheet Set tree and it will update the corresponding view label in the layout. But that does not change the name of the originating section entity back in the 3D model, which makes it difficult to keep track of sections as the design develops, nor does it update the section tags in related views.

So in my list above, item 1 generates 2, 3, and 4, but only controls 4 thereafter, at which point items 2 and 3 seem linked together but separately from 1 and 4.

Is there a way to manage these section references properly? Or do I have to decide the names of every section I want to cut before generating any views from the 3D model?


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