v19 Pro questions

Hello everyone and Happy (almost) New year.
I am eval'ing BC at the Pro level and have not been able to find a few things that I thought would have been fairly standard given my experience with ADT 2004 which was the last CAD suite I purchased. I remember being able to find attributed blocks for annotation, (plan, elev, section etc) call-outs, and title block templates as well. Also, a decent amount of 3d components, the likes of which are found for free in Shape that are seemingly not available unless I "level up" to Platinum. I believe Pro is supposed to be comparable to full-blown AutoCAD (not LT) and wondering if I'm expecting too much from a product that is refered to as "Pro" or am I simply missing something (I've been out of the drafting/design game a while). I admit that I am not sure what is included nowadays in AutoCAD or ADT but I'm wondering if to have the aforementioned, I would need Platinum or BIM despite having no need for BIM at this stage. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone and again all the best in the new year.
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