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Dimension and Extension lines not showing

Happy New Year to all Bricscad users,

Please could somebody take a look at the attached and maybe work out what I am doing wrong.

I have created a new template as I have upgraded to V19 and am having issues with dimension lines.

The template is set up to show dimension lines and extension lines, but when I create a new drawing using the template and draw a dimension they are turned off.

I can see they are turned off in the Properties panel when a dimension is selected, but if you look at the dimension style settings it says they should be on.

Is it me doing something wrong or a bug?

Thanks in advance.



  • edited January 2

    The 'Dim line 1' etc. field names are quite confusing. This has been discussed before. If you hover over those fields you will see that the related variables suppress lines. So in your case the values should be 'No'.
    Note that if you select two dimstyles in the Explorer you can compare their settings. This can be quite useful.

  • Morning Roy,

    Thanks for this, they have changed the wording from my previous version (17) and it is a bit misleading.

    The tooltip doesn't appear immediately so I missed it!

    Thanks very much, I should have just tried No to see what would happen!

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