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Entity snaps - how to select

Hello all,

I am looking to see if anyone knows how to select which entity snaps they want active. For example, in BC one simply right clicks on the "esnaps" and checks or unchecked "midpoint", "perpendicular" etc but the only thing displaying in the status bar in Shape are the cursor coordinates. I've used the command line to find this and other settings but have had no luck. Have what looks like other strange behaviour and did a reinstall which hasn't helped. Thanks in advance everyone.


  • Settings are not exposed to the user in BricsCAD Shape. You can try to change the OSMODE setting via the registry, but if you want more control over how the CAD program behaves Shape is probably not the right choice.

  • Strange how sometimes similar questions show up at the same time, although in shape the settings for osnaps aren't available in shape, you can still use the "command modifiers" so you can choose to just have a single snap type active when you are being prompted for a point by using the first 3 letters of the osnap name so "end" "mid" "cen" "per" etc will only be available for the current pick point.

  • Hello Roy Klein Gebbink,
    Thanks again for your input. Yes, for a free program like shape I shouldn't expect a tonne of functionality. I am currently eval'ing BC at the Pro level and found I can't do what I can in Shape as there are no components like windows, doors etc available (hence why I'm still farting around with Shape). This doesn't seem right. Can't model like I can in Shape but can't use snaps like I can in BC Pro. Makes things more difficult then it should be by having to go back and forth. I haven't ruled out that something is wrong with the BC install as other things that I thought should be available like beams and pipes aren't either despite going from the drafting toolbar setup to the modeling toolbar setup. I hadn't ruled out operator error using a new program either but I try to do everything I can think of to sort issues out before imposing questions on this forum so as not to be a nuisance. Has anyone else run into this in BC Pro? Does anyone know if one need Platinum just to have the same functionality of Shape which is free? Thanks again Roy and to anyone else with input. Cheers!
  • Hello Steven G,
    Haha, well the similar osnap question was me in another entry. I have been trying to sort a few issues with both BC and Shape. I believe I tried your osnap suggestion in Shape a few days ago and got something like "not available with this current license" but I'm wondering if I typed "endsnap" instead of "end" for example. I'll try it again later today. Thanks for writing in. I really appreciate you taking the time. While I have you, are you a BC Pro user by chance? I have questions about other aspects of the program. I've looked everywhere for title blocks to use in paperspace and other attributed entities like plan, elev, and section titles but can't find anything anywhere like I can in AutoCAD. Thanks again Steven G.
  • Hello Rusty2 no the other similar thread was this one.
    Unfortunately I'm not a BC Pro user just a frustrated "other CAD Pro user" but the similarities are very close. Can you give an example of what you can find in Autocad that isn't available in Bricscad?

  • Hello Steven G,
    Well for starters, I have to admit that the last CAD program I bought was Architectural Desktop 2004 and not AutoCAD "Pro" so I would understand if I'm wrong in assuming that AutoCAD Pro didn't have aec components like windows, doors, beam, pipe, channel etc and that they may have only been included in ADT but for other freebies that were included as mentioned above like preformatted title blocks in all sizes for paperspace, blocks of drawing detail titles for "plan" "elev", "section", "detail" views etc, I assumed all AutoCAD versions including LT came with them. For that reason I thought BC Pro would as well. The aforementioned were available to insert as blocks and we're attributed from what I can remember. Other things missing from BC Pro as I see it now are included in the free BC Shape. Components like windows, doors, etc. I've posed these question in a few threads now and am not finding others writing back with the same issues and am wondering if the install is faulty. I've put in a support request as well as contacted someone directly a few days ago at BC but have not heard back.
  • Btw Steven G,
    I just tried your suggestion re: entity snaps and it works. I F3'd all of them off and then did the three letter deal like you mentioned. Worked like a charm! Thanks again!
  • You shouldn't need to F3, when using it this way only the one you choose should be available for the next point you pick, but that is important it only works for one single pick when you are being prompted any further picks need you to enter the 3 letter for each point. F3ing followed by the 3 letters will work only for that single pick as well, and then should leave you with no osnaps available.

  • Ah, gotcha. Good to know. Thanks again for getting back to me. Cheers Steven!
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