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BricsCad Shape Removal Problem

I had BricsCad v15 Linux (registered) and v18 (demo) Linux and BricsCad Shape Linux (demo) installed. I removed v18 and Shape and now v15 is also gone.

Would removal of v18 and Shape also remove v15? (or did i likely do this myself when I freed up space with Stacer?)

I still have the opt/bricsys folder and the Home Bricsys folder but they are barebones and only have fonts, etc. Is my registration gone?


  • Each of these installations should live their separate 'lives', and I belive you have accidentally removed V15. You can download V15 from the Bricsys website. Just click on Show Old Releases. If you don't have the license key with you, it should be available on your Bricsys account. BricsCAD Shape is free and you can download the full version and install it again, if you want to.

  • edited January 3

    I believe you're right. I probably got a little too aggressive making space on my hard drive.

    Thank-you for your response. This question is now answered. (I don't know how to mark it as such.)

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