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How do I save my search paths and other settings so I can use them in another drawing?


  • Hi Tom,
    Would saving your profile from the other drawing
    and importing it into the target drawing work for you ??

    For Interest, what 'other' settings did you want to replicate. ?

  • Create a new drawing with your preferred settings, such as search paths, dimension styles, layers, print styles, layouts (and frames on the layout), etc. Save that drawing as a template.

    The default location for templates is C:\Users\YourLoginId\AppData\Local\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V19x64\en_US\Templates. Naturally, you'll also want that drawing to have its own name set as the default template when you save it.

  • @Kerry Brown:
    What do you mean by importing a profile into a drawing? I have never heard of this.

    Let's be clear:
    Some settings are stored in the drawing, some are stored in the registry. The SRCHPATH variable is stored in the registry. Using a correct template is indeed the way to deal with variables that are stored in the DWG file. But this only means that drawings created from this template will have the desired settings. Also note that drawings are not linked to the template they were created from.

  • While 'being clear', this cd be a gd moment to clear up ancient uncertainty (in my mind).

    'Some settings are stored in the drawing, some are stored in the registry' - so as settings change in the Registry, do those changes get applied to all drawings, both old/existing, and new/during creation?

    Wouldn't it be useful, in Settings dialog, to have indication of which settings are per-drawing, and which are in Registry?

    And in Customize - for example Workspaces can't be stored per-drawing but Quads can.

    And Variables - same story?

  • edited January 4

    If settings are stored in the registry it follows that they cannot be applied to drawings. Changing these settings will change the way the program behaves irrespective of the current drawing.

    The _Settings dialog already displays where variables are stored.

    I don't understand your last two remarks (quads, same story).

  • edited January 4

    Ah, I see the Drawing vs Registry where-stored indicator, also Preference indicator - any others?
    Another Ah - Variables are the things that are set in Settings - things set in Customization are not Variables but something else? - some of which, again, are per-drawing, some not.

    'It follows' that they cannot be applied to drawings ... hmm.

    Blundering around in a morass, which prob looks clear as day to those who already understand it. Guess I'll suddenly get it, one day soon.

  • I don't think the Quad is stored per drawing as you seem to suggest.

  • edited January 5

    Fair enough. Some do, some don't, as listed in Grabowski's Customization book.

    Which has some major omissions - no mention of Customization Manager (nor in Help - Support's advice is it's not intended for average users), and nothing on strategy to customize copies vs factory-originals of User Info Local/Roaming folder/files and preserving/migrating same at new-version installation time.

    On the level we're talking about here, Bricscad is massively under-explained and under-documented.

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