i'm new to bricscad (mac 2018) - have been using it for 8 days now.
i have experienced a chrash down every second working hour or so.
wonder if there's something wrong in my setup, or just the way it goes for everybody ?
( imac 17,1 intel core i7, radeon R9, 32GB ram / OSX 10.13.6 )


  • I think the latest Mac Version is reasonably stable finally.
    Which means no to 3 crashes per day for me.

    Everything v18 before was really bad.
    So far that you start to avoid certain commands or to save
    before any step. While early v19 on Windows feels like a complete
    different Software in stability.

    If you find any reproducible case and have demo file, you can send
    a Service Request. Every time I did, it was fixed by the next update.

  • thomasriis
    edited January 2019

    thanks michael
    that's way too unstable for my workflow.
    i'll have to wait some years and 'till then stick to my old autocad.

  • if anyone has some stability tips, or a link to... something... I'd love to use the mac version more but it's really crash-happy. even tried high sierra,mojave... nvidia... radeon... nothing seems to solve it. v18 and v19 in windows is only about 100x more stable. And saving every five seconds isn't an option when you have a heavy file going! Anyhow. Right. Anyone got tips on stabilizing brics on mac? TIA!

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