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Importing Data extracted values back into a drawing.

I have extracted Mtext information from my drawing using the Dataextract wizard. I now want to import this data back into the drawing as i have changed the Mtext values (it was easier doing the change on excel). Is there any way i can do this with the values being placed in the same position on the drawing. X-Y references were also extracted.



  • I don't think this is possible without some form of custom programming.

  • You might try some of the translation software. One simply generated a text file with all the text, including a label for each item. Then, you were expected to run the text through any of the Translation programs. Finally, you ran the utility again to re-import the translated text.

    Sorry, but I don't recall the name of the program. Though, there is a high likelihood that it was a free one, or perhaps a free trial of a low-cost one.


  • You could try creating a script in excel to re-create the MTEXT in BricsCAD with the updated text.
    Generating a script using a spreadsheet

    To create a custom program that updates the existing MTEXT you would want to include the Handles of the mtext in your extract.

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  • Thanks for the suggestions. I will give them a go.

  • A custom program could use the insertion points to identify the original mtext entities. Although relying on handles is better and easier. To recreate mtexts you would need additional data (layer, text height, text style, etc).

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