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Import and Export of IFC File Type

Hi Everyone!
Good day.

I would like to ask your assistance regarding the concern of my client who previously bought BricsCAD v19 Platinum All-in Maintenance from us.
Just to introduce myself, I am Karl Silvero, I am working with PASCO Philippines Corporation - the exclusive distributor of BricsCAD software here in the Philippines.

In relation to my concern, my client is currently having issues importing and exporting IFC data to their newly purchased software. According to them upon clicking the "import" and "export" tool there is no option for IFC - file supported type.

They were expecting that the tool will be available to their current license, since when they used the trial version of BricsCAD v19 (that I provided to them) the IFC file type is available in the import and export tool.

Are there any suggestions and/or fixes that you can recommend to resolve this?
Any response will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance. :smile:


  • Hi Karl,

    I think the problem here is that BricsCAD V19 Platinum alone is not a BIM application and IFC is directly connected to BIM. In V18, you had the option to buy Platinum + BIM. In V19, the Platinum + BIM has become BricsCAD V19 BIM. This is what your client need to be able to handle IFC.

    The trial version you get is a full version (Ultimate) with everything, Platinum + BIM + Mechanical.

    I guess you have a full version of BricsCAD V19 (Ultimate) as a distributor. If you use RUNASLEVEL command, you can see what is included in the different levels/editions of BricsCAD.

    I work with Bricsys in the Middle East and you can send me an email on The Bricsys contact for your region should also be able to give you more information.

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