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Introducing a new website for CAD Blocks


  • Here, too, is a new and promising 90% site all for free, you can download without registration, a large assortment of accessories, transport, libraries of people come in and see for yourself.
    Free cad blocks

  • I just looked at the site, and it only has 16 free drawings, though many of them have multiple items. There are a similar number of textures.

    On the site, has 250 free drawings. But, many of them are libraries having many drawings in the set.

    Here is another one that I have used for many years. It has a very large library, with many formats, and many types of files, such as textures and LISP. It also has a good filtering system to help you to drill down to what you want. The main weakness is that it only shows a very tiny thumbnail of the drawing file. So, you have to download it to really see it. And for us U.S. based users, the library tends to lean towards metric/European models.


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