Ortho-image Problems

Hello everybody!

As already written in the title, i have a problem with insertion of an Ortho-Image. I have 3 .tif-files, 2 work, one does not and i don't know why! i can open it normally with like irfanview - but when i want to insert it to BricsCad i only see a black image. I tried the same at my colleagues desktop - there it works.

Anyone an idea what the problem could be?

I have BricsCAD 17.1.19 (X64) Revision 74238

Thanks in advantage for your help!


  • I would first select the image and check that you haven't turned the display off in the property bar. If this isn't the issue, then I would suspect the image disk cache. When you load images in BricsCAD, the images are cached to a local folder. The cached file holds a copy of the image at a range of different resolutions. Caching the image in this way significantly improves display performance. Sometimes the cache can become corrupted, leading to non or partial display of the image.

    You can check if this is the issue by going to SETTINGS and turning ImageDiskCache Off. You will need to restart BricsCAD after making this change.

    If the image then displays correctly on reopening the drawing, then you will need to force BricsCAD to rebuild the cache. You can do this by deleting the files contained in the ImageCacheFolder. Having done this you can turn ImageDiskCache On and restart BricsCAD again. Next time you open the drawing, BricsCAD will rebuild the image cache.

    Jason Bourhill
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  • V interesting Jason. I guess something similar happens with point clouds? and big meshes hopefully soon.

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