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dxf to dwg that looks reasonable



  • In my case I had trouble with some Revit DWG export geometry,
    like simple Slabs, with or without rounded parts, which came in as Surfaces.
    (Which caused GI calculation problems by VRAY later)

    It looks like some of the Revit Geometry had redundant coincident faces
    in general plus the auto-cutting of Story-extending geometry.
    (Often along the curved side Faces of Slabs but even for simple rectangular ones)

    In such cases Bricscads Stitch very often failed.
    Unexpectedly Vectorworks Solid Stitching dealt very well with those coincident
    Faces (by deleting or cleaning ?)
    So, at least when objects not touching, I was able convert a whole Layer of
    objects in one go successfully.
    I am not 100% sure, but I think it even worked for Revit's separation of Walls
    along each Room - where Wall's Faces obviously had to touch each other,
    often in a very complex manner.
    To give me a proper Solid's addition, which had proper Face Normals direction
    and no problematic coincident redundant Faces in FBX Export to 3D later.

  • Hi Michael,

    Blockifying a selection set containing multiple solids is supported since the V19.2 BricsCAD release (license level starting from BricsCAD Pro).

    @Michael Mayer said:
    But if
    "Afterwards, we want BLOCKIFY to identify groups of similar solids automatically – which is a far more complicated problem."
    can happen,
    That would be so valuable for my (imports) work.

    Automatic assembly detection is still on the TO DO list (quite high), so I don't regret that phrase ;) .

    Kind regards,


  • Automatic assembly detection is still on the TO DO list (quite high), so I don't regret that phrase ;) .

    Thanks Wouter !

    That answers my other question from the Blockify Thread.
    Now I'm even more impressed and excited.

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