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Site command and section drawings on v19


I was very happy to see that v19 had support for TIN surfaces. That's great!

But if you generate a section drawing, the TIN surface doesn't appear…
That's sad …
What's the use of a TIN surface if the land secions don't appear or the curves aren't displayed in the plan drawings?

P.S.: Converting between tin surface and solids wasn't easy but I managed to do it with a small lisp. You can have solids, but then you loose the tin surface advantages right?


  • Does anyone figured it out?

  • The SITE command is new in v19. The documentation indicates it's for foundations for BIM, etc. Whether they add functionality tied to the TinSurface will be determined over time. If you are looking for a low cost means of generating sections and other Civil/Survey & GIS operations, take a look at DotSoft's MapWorks for BricsCAD.

  • @pedroloureiro
    MESH objects are currently not supported by section or view generating commands.
    This concerns not only TINS (site objects), but also parts of ifc-imported geometry (since V19, if you use the respective setting), and many assets downloaded from supplier sites.
    I expect this to change rather sooner than later, but at the moment (and to my knowledge), there is no real remedy.
    In some cases, setting a viewport's shade plot property to 'legacy hidden', and then exporting the layout to pdf and re-importing the file may be a workaround.

  • HI,

    I found a good workaround!

    EXPLODE, REGION, DMSTITCH (solid mode)
    And we have a solid!
    We can also DMSIMPLIFY, but I see no changes with it.

    Then we can bim classify that solid.

  • Of course that if you want a solid that has a hatch on sections we have to continue the work:

    We just copy the solid to the vertical below, we explode it and we flatten it to the ground.
    We delete the interior lines, use the boundary with bo command and generate another solid that is extruded above the first site solid.
    We subtract the site solid on the new solid. Then explode the result and remove the above surfaces.
    Dmstich finally generates the new solid with correct mesh.

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