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Anyone else experiencing problems stretching with grab handles?


Ever since v19 i've been experiencing intermittent issues when stretching polylines using the stretch handles.
It is worst when using shift select to grab multiple handles at the same time, and when manipulating more complex shapes but it occasionally happens even on single rectangles. It seems to be triggered when the cursor picks up a few different inferences during the movement.
The thing that's really weird is that it doesn't always create 'parallelogram' geometry - which could be consistent with careless use or user error. More frequently it produces 'trapezium' geometry (one vertex shifted) - which is (afaik) incompatible with any kind of user error in manipulating the grab handle (the one positioned at the mid point of a line).
Because such inconsistent (and sometimes imperceptible) errors are produced, i keep thinking that this has been fixed in an update - only for it to crop again when i least expect it - and totally infuriate me. It's been very difficult to reproduce on demand, so i've been hesitant to contact support, and when i finally did, my ticket has so far gone un-answered (approx 10 days - but my maintenance has lapsed).

Thought it might be worth a mention here to see if others have experienced it?
If not then perhaps that's a clue that there is something in my own drawing methods, settings or templates that could be causing this...

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • There is another vivid discussion about how a Rectangle should behave when
    being modified by handles.

    But as far as I experienced,
    pulling a corner handle will always destroy any geometry.
    Pulling an edge handle will either scale Length or Width,
    when locking all but one axis, or create a parallelogram.

  • My first response to this was to think - yep, that's the behavior i was expecting, but i'm not getting it.

    However, having read it again, and given it some more thought - i think you might be onto something when you say 'pulling and edge handle will SCALE length or width'.
    This may explain the behaviour i'm seeing.

    One of the jobs that i've been really tearing my hair out with is some panelling that is mostly made up of rectangular panels, many of which have little square notches taken out of the corners. The architect keeps changing the ceiling height, and whenever i re-adjust the panel heights (using the stretch handles), the panels have been going out of shape:
    If i grab a handle where one adjoining side is 50mm shorter than the other adjoining side (because of the notch), is it possible that the polylines are being adjusted by scaling each side by the same factor, thus creating the (sometimes very small) trapezoid deformation i'm seeing? And if so, is this really expected behaviour?
    It's not something i've experienced before in previous BC or AC releases...

  • I also have to deal with panels
    (and clients constantly changing things)

    That is where I wish some Vectorworks 2D Parametric into Bricscad.
    In VW, select all panels, set origin, like from bottom, and edit Height
    in Properties. Same in 3D when I have them in an extrude object
    edit mode.

    I am a bit too unexperienced in BC.
    But I think, when I have to deal with Panels again, I will try
    Arrays, Blocks and maybe Constraints.
    (Not sure if Parametrize will work when objects not touching ?)

  • It's very strange.
    I really can't understand whether i'm experiencing a really unique issue (across desktop and laptop installs), or whether i'm somehow working in a way that is very idiosyncratic (and wrong).

    I've spent years and years (in AutoCAD LT 12 onwards and BC v17) drawing shapes using closed polylines, and if they need to be modified, i just shift-select all the relevant grab handles and drag them to the new size (usually snapping to a construction line).
    I've never had cause to expect that they will do anything other than all move together perfectly maintaining their relationship to one another. With BC v19, this certainty has been totally shattered. Now i'm reduced to moving the grab handles one at a time and constantly throwing up extra vertical and horizontal and offset x-lines to make sure that nothing has gone out of alignment during the move.

    Trying to get some feedback or here or from support, feels like a last resort before moving back to AutoCAD. Are there any little settings in the snaps or anything that could conceivably be making this happen (i'm not using 'nearest' btw)?
    I think i'm going to have to install some screen grab software and try and catch this happening in the wild - as it seems like something is seriously wrong, and it's badly affecting my work.

  • Maybe wrong settings ?
    (Don't find much except Grip settings)

    I also don't find an option to select multiple vertices in PEDIT.

  • Found it in :

    The Trick is to hold SHIFT >before< you select the first Grip.
    At least it works now for me.
    But I do not find a Marquee Selection, just one by one.

  • Hi,

    I must say that i'm a little surprised that this post didn't get any traction. For me this is a MAMMOTH problem that has absolutely murdered my workflow.
    I did eventually get a response from support say that the issue has been reported by others and was being addressed.
    So i've been eagerly awaiting the latest update. When i installed it yesterday, here is a screencast of the first operation i undertook after installing it (sorry, haven't sorted out my toolbars yet).

    To me this is totally unacceptable.

    Is there really not anyone else on here that is being TERMINALLY affected by this problem?

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