Text Styles Issues

I think this is a Mac problem, but not sure. I am having issues with defining text styles where I cannot define the 'Style'.

So I have installed a couple of fonts that have multiple styles (Bold, Italic, etc.). But for some reason in the drawing explorer, when I choose a font, it finds a random font file from that font so that I cannot define the style used for the font. For instance I have installed the Ubuntu font through Font Book on OS X, and when I select Ubuntu in the drawing explorer, it 'finds' the italic file for the Ubuntu font, but only lists the base Ubuntu font in the font selector, and does not let me select a different 'font style' in the style column. The end result is that several fonts are unusable as it tries to only use italic version or similar. Am I missing something obvious and stupid (Seems likely) ?


  • Indeed, sounds like a bug. You would need to raise a support request to get it investigated. A workaround could be done by customising your font mapping file "default.fmp". This file allows you to force BricsCAD to swap one font for another.

    In BricsCAD you would setup your styles to use an available font, then in your default.fmp you would list this font and the one you want to substitute it with. You would need to do a search to find this file on your system. It will be located in the user support folder. Attach a copy for reference.

    After making changes to the default.fmp, it is best to restart BricsCAD.

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  • Ok thanks for the workaround, that should at least get me keeping moving. I will try to document and report a bug then when I get a moment.

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