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BIMIFY Command - Where is the external classification alghorithm?

I get the following error when running the BIMIFY command:

Error while connecting to external classification alghorithm
Found 0 profile(s).

Does anyone know where the external classification alghorithm is?

I'm using Bricscad Platinum V18.2.04 (x64)



  • This could be due to a bug in your particular version of BricsCAD. I know for the Windows version that there are later versions of V18. I would suggest that you try the latest version of V18, or V19 if you have a license for that.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

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  • Thanks Jason, I downloaded the latest version of V18 and BIMIFY is working again.

  • Hi Garry & Jason,

    This error means that some particular files were not found in your support folder.
    Type in SUPPORTFOLDER in the command line to open this folder; it should contain some text files "xgbModelBootstrap1.txt" and similar.
    In your case these files were probably accidentally deleted.
    If these files were deleted, you can always find them again in your installation folder (C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD V19 en_US\Support) and copy them back to your support folder.


  • Thanks Jacob. I don't see any *.txt files in my SUPPORTFOLDER. I found one in the installation folder, xgboostModel.txt. I copied this over. I not using V19 so maybe there are more *.txt files for that version?

  • Hi Garry,

    You're right, V18 only has the one text file (xgboostModel.txt); V19 uses multiple files.


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