Sheetsets Autocad to Brics functionality

Needing some help figuring out how Bricscad uses sheetsets compared to autocad.

In Autocad my company uses sheetsets to the full extent. We add every sheet to the sheetset manager. When it gets to the point of creating a detail sheet we use the SS manager to drag in the model view into the paper space of our sheet. So on a complete detail sheet there will be a viewport for each detail that has been placed on that sheet. Each viewport will only show the layers of the detail that it is associated with. The details/viewports are then numbered in the SS manager. Now that the details have been placed on a sheet and are associated with a specific viewport we can now go and cut details on our plans using a block that has fields that will reference the location of the detail. When you right click on the detail viewport in the SS manager you have the option to place callout block and view label block.

Does Bricscad offer this type of Sheet Set functionality? It seems like it does because when I open up a sheetset in Brics that has been created in autocad it seems to understand what is going on. However, I can not figure out the process to creating that same functionality in Brics.

Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

If not, can someone point me to a video of how Brics intends people to create a detail sheet. Do they want you to manually xref each detail into model space and not use the sheetset manager to place details? Do they want you to use just one large viewport that can view all the details that have been placed and organized in model space? Or do you xref the details in manually and then create a viewport for each detail and modify the layer management of the viewport to only show the specific detail.



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