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"BIMMY" Options within Components

edited March 3 in Shape

I understand how Doors and Windows cut through Walls using the 3d Solid placed on Layer BIM_SUBTRACT, but how do you make a DWG component whose Width and Height can be controlled on placement?


  • I think that will happen by the 3D Constraints you apply,
    Probably these need correct naming or setting for edibility.

    I assume it may be the Clip Volume Geometry settings which
    hold the overall Length/Width info (?) while the actual Window
    Geometries are constraint from that.

    I would start from a Window file duplicate.
    There is also a Video on YouTube Bricsys which shows how
    such an object gets built and setup.

  • AFAIK a Shape user cannot create parametric components.

  • edited March 3

    Ah, did not realize the Sub Forum ...

  • @Roy Klein Gebbinck said:
    AFAIK a Shape user cannot create parametric components.

    Can they be created in a more "advanced" DWG system?

  • You will need: BC Platinum, BC BIM or BC Mechanical.

  • I know this is the "wrong" place for this question - but can they be done with AutoCAD?

  • You may be able to create a static BIM_SUBTRACT component in AC, but 3D parametric components are unique to BricsCAD.
    Note: I think that all solids inside components are subtracted from the parent object when using the _BimInsert command. So you are not restricted to using the BIM_SUBTRACT layer.

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