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Multileader Text Direction

How can I control whether the Mtext is placed on the left or right of a Multileader vertical leader?


  • I think the position of the ML relative to the origin of the current UCS determines the default position of the text.

  • Thanks Roy
    Doesn't work for me if I don't have a landing. However, using a landing will determine the direction of the text.

  • edited March 7

    Here is a (terrible) hack that mirrors the ML depending on the location of the 2nd point.
    Note: The MIRRTEXT variable is changed to 0 (zero) by the Lisp function. This variable is set to 1 in the default templates, which is strange IMO.

    (defun c:MLM ( / mirP)
      (setvar 'mirrtext 0)
      (setq *MLM_ptA* (getpoint "\nSpecify leader arrowhead location: "))
      (setq *MLM_ptB* (getpoint *MLM_ptA* "\nSpecify leader landing location and side of text: "))
      (setq mirP (< (car *MLM_ptA*) (car *MLM_ptB*)))
      (setq *MLM_ptB* (list (car *MLM_ptA*) (cadr *MLM_ptB*) (caddr *MLM_ptA*)))
      (vla-sendcommand (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object)) "_.mleader _non !*MLM_ptA* _non !*MLM_ptB* ")
      (if mirP
        (vla-sendcommand (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object)) "_.mirror _last  _non !*MLM_ptA* _non !*MLM_ptB* _yes ")
  • Thanks Roy.
    I will give the lisp a try.

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