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View on live section

If cut a live section (Section Plane) on a angular face. Is there a way to get the screen view parallel to that section plane quickly?
Normally the process would be to set the UCS to a face and then select the "PLAN" command and the option "Current".


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    One way is to type in "UCSFOLLOW" and set it to 1, and turn on ducs. Then when you type in ucs, as soon as your mouse is over an object with the section the view snaps to the section then just ckick and press enter.

    At least that works for me.

    I don't know what happens if you've got more that one section plane .

    EDIT: Actually ducs makes it go a bit haywire. The best option is probably to make a macro out of: ucsfollow - 1 , ucs - face , ucsfollow - 0. You'd have to select your face first though

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    Thanks DFLY,

    one thing that I find strange is that I can select a face on a component (XREF) or a block when using the "SECTION PLANE" command but I can not select a face when using the "UCS" - "FACE" command on a component (XREF) or block.

    (Perhaps the Bricscad developers could add that to the next patch?)

  • To align the UCS to a nested face:

    1. SELECTIONMODES should be 2, 3, 6 or 7.
    2. Ctrl+LMB to preselect the face.
    3. Call the _Ucs command and use the _Face option.
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