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Instant close of one dwg - no warning

I have had this happen before when doing 'something' B'cad instantly closes the dwg - no warning.
It all happens so quick one is caught off guard and I'm not aware of the exact last command.
It happened before in previous version. This is 18.2.14 Rev 54509 64bit Win 10 Pro

The highly annoying aspect is I lose upto my last save and in this case it was a powerful lot of editing over previous 15 minutes.

If memory serves me well I had just created an arc, offset lines parallel from that, deleted some lines and moved the text from said line and started to align them to the arc. Align as in manual rotate to suit desired angle.
In that sequence it closed the dwg with no warning.
The other open dwg on other tab was fine so B'cad didn't crash.

Is there a command that one can enter or a shortcut, key, something, that closes the dwg without saving?
I would hope not but something triggered this.

I looked for the .bak, but that was of the old file 15 minutes back.

Is there a way to save automatically say every 5 minutes?
I don't mind if it makes a thousand saves and I can clean up after, but anything that helps to avert this disaster again is appreciated thanks.


  • Dear Richard,
    yes, see SAVETIME in Settings or at prompt, specifies the minuts for automatic save
    (automatic save is only done if the drawing is modified - so if you let it stand for 30 minutes, with SAVETIME=5, without doing anything, then nothing will happen).

    Also, you might update to latest V18.2.20 version.

    You might check for a crash_report.txt file on disk (in OS active folder), and send it to us as a SupportRequest ...
    many greetings !

  • Thanks for quick reply.
    I'll have a look tomorrow at this.
    Will check the update.

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