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Mirror Dimension Text

I am trying to mirror dimensions so it can be understood that you are looking at the back of a drawing.

Every time I try and mirror the dimension it comes out right reading.

I have tried changing MIRRTEXT to 1 but it makes no difference.

Is there another setting I am missing?

I am trying to get this drawing off this afternoon and am pulling my hair out!

Many thanks in advance.


  • I think MIRRTEXT is only supposed to affect Text and Mtext entities.
    The only way I know of to make a dimension text read backward is to put it in a block and then mirror the block. The whole drawing can be the block, and then everything will be backwards after mirroring, even if MIRRTEXT is off.

  • I am assuming you are doing 2D mirrroring... MIRRTEXT does not appear to work on diameter or radius dimensions, unless you separate the arrow head and leader from the text with the explode command. No problem with Quick Leader. I did not try the multileader

  • Thanks for the reply Anthony,

    I have just discovered you can use 3DROTATE and rotating it 180°

    Who would have guessed you could do that?

  • Hi Jim,

    Apologies, you replied while I was replying to Anthony.

    Yes I am mirroring in 2d, sorry I should of said, but I was rushing for an answer. :blush:

  • Rotating the UCS 180 degrees around the X or Y-axis before creating the dimensions will also do the trick.

  • Thanks Roy,

    I will give that a try as well.

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