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Can't copy-clip between drawing files?

I need to base a site plan off of a survey dwg file that was provided by the client; this is routine for me and I've never had a problem... until now. For some reason when I try to copy-clip something from the survey dwg file, I get this:

"Not allowed for this proxy: < ObjectDBX Classes - "AcDbAssocPersSubentManager" > (31EC)"

...and nothing is added to the clipboard. I've tried exploding, saving as another drawing, saving the drawing down to an earlier version, and exporting to dxf...



  • Are you using the COPY command or the COPYBASE command? I use COPYBASE to copy between drawings.

  • Have you tried _SaveAsR12? Note: this will remove a lot of modern features from the dwg.

  • edited March 14

    @ Casey Fry
    Please send in a support request and attach the drawing you are having the issue with. Our analysts will be glad to investigate.

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