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not all panels are enabled when setting a AcadApplication visible

I create an AcacApplication by COM,
acAppComObj = (AcadApplication)Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetTypeFromProgID(strProgId), true);
then I open an existing drawing (with sheet metal part that is smconverted)
acAppComObj .Documents.Open(povDwgFile);
and set the application visible.
acAppComObj .Visible = true;

But the Mechanical browser often stays disabled (see attached screenshot) . Am I doing something wrong or should I call some specific refresh?

I'm using BricsCAD V19.2 now.

panel disabled.png
3840 x 2100 - 293K


  • edited March 15

    For your info,
    I managed to get the panels activated when I call folowing line after setting the app visible:
    acAppComObj .RunCommand("_redrawall");

    But nevertheless this should not be needed in my opinion.

  • Try changing the Active property of the dwg to true.

  • Thanks for this solution, Roy. Thats exactly the case i got while displaying OpenDCL panels.
    The activate property of the current document will fix this issue.


  • @Martin Drese
    Thanks for confirming this can be effective.

    Pity @KarelVergauwe can't be bothered to respond.

  • Sorry,
    did not find the time to reflect on this.

    I tried both ActiveDocument.Activate() and ActiveDocument.Active = true but it did not enable the panel.

    I stick with the _redrawall lisp for now.

    What I did found out was that any lisp / command activates the panel

  • @KarelVergauwe
    Thanks for getting back to us and sharing your findings. It may be worth sending in a Support Request regarding this issue.

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