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Several years ago Bricsys forked BIM capabilities onto a separate license. Even though I don't work in the field, I kept that license active because nerd and also because interesting. No longer, in V19.

However, there is one BIM command that I dearly miss, BIMSPLIT. It's extremely handy for splitting bits apart, especially when curved faces are involved. It's magic.

I'm still licensed for V18 BIM and can drop back to that version when needed. It's a little awkward but it's there.

BIMSPLIT, as such, doesn't seem to be unique to "building information management." Indeed, if I recall correctly POLYSOLIDS were introduced with the BIM toolset and are now part of the baseline distribution (at the appropriate license level). Any chance that we could have a SPLIT command in non-BIM BricsCAD?


  • What about the _Slice command?

  • _Slice likes to do planar slicing. I can't seem to convince it to use a solid's curved face. Here's a quick-n-dirty and somewhat contrived example where one wanted to do something to the alignment entities in Drawing1. Change the number, move them, something.

    Running BIMSPLIT, as in the second drawing, it quickly and easily cuts along the ID of the cylinder and the face of the fillet. Click click done. Not something that I use a lot but it's so easy when it's the right tool.

  • The fact that _BimSplit does things automatically can also be a problem. Try splitting two walls that meet in a corner. There are 3 potential solutions. _BimSplit chooses one (at least in V16 BIM), which may, or may not be, what the user wants.

  • True but one may launch the command and then choose the cutting face(s) which ought to do the right thing. I agree that the automatic slicing is chancy but doing a _bimslice then selecting a curved face (or several) can be right useful.

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