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Animation in BricsCAD V18 for Mac

edited March 18 in Mac


Should animation feature work on Mac?

I tried ANIPATH command, was able to assign all parameters in dialog box, the process of animation creation started, but I always get an alert at the command prompt:
"The system reported an error while creating the video file.
Error Message: Unknown error: 127.
The created images are in the folder «/var/folders/9h/qq4s44q53kg89xbnzny79hph0000gp/T/BricsCAD/anipath/"

There is really a set of PNG files on the specified path, but they won't compile to specified video format (I tried all output formats - avi, mpg and wmv).
Is this a bug or the feature is not supported fully on Mac platform?

Thanks, Maxim

Best Answer

  • Under the hood BricsCAD uses ffmpeg to create videos. If ffmpeg is not found, then as a fallback a set of PNG files is created.

    We probably should add ffmpeg to the installer of BricsCAD(Mac). Please enter a support request about this.


  • Hi Tijs,

    Thanks for prompt reply.
    I'll try to install ffmpeg on my Mac and test ANIPATH again. Will report about results.
    I'll also create support request.

    Thanks, Maxim

  • Installed ffmpeg.
    Now it works!
    Tijs, thanks again fro your assistance.


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