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mitering angles V18 platinum

See attached pic. What is the easiest way to join both angles to form a miter? I can do it by rotating the faces of the ends but surely there is an easier way. Would shape be better at this?

miter angle.JPG
925 x 489 - 35K


  • Lazy ol' codger that I am, I'd just pull a slicing plane from one of the outside corners down 45-deg, select the side to keep, and then mirror it.

  • Lconnect

    Bricscad - lconnect.mp4
  • @Ian Johnson said:

    D'oh! (slaps head) Yes, much easier. One gets used to doing things in certain ways and may forget that new tools are available.

  • @Ian Johnson said:

    Nice, the only problem is I'm still using V18 platinum so no go. Is this function available in BIM only? What about Shape?

  • Cant' seem to get an answer on this. Is Lconnect only available in the V19 BIM flavor or doe Brics Mech have it also?

  • BricsCAD Platinum has it.

  • @CADMebel said:
    BricsCAD Platinum has it.

    Not in V18, at least in my version. I get the message " command not supported by this license" or something to that effect. Don't understand why it would only be offered on the BIM side and not Mech since structural items are used in both fields.

  • BricsCAD Platinum v19 has it.

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