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How do I update to latest realease of V19. Currently using V19 1.11

Newby question.

Have not yet updated Bricscad Pro from first installation so need to know how its done correctly.
Don't want to lose license in the process.

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    Hi Tim

    If you have a V19.1 Pro with license key, you can download the latest 19.2 from the website - - and install it. No need to enter the license key over again. To download the installation file, you need to log on with your Bricsys account. If the license is registered in your name, you will also find the license key on the account.


  • Thanks Per.
    Worked a treat.

  • Do licensed user get notified that there's a new release?

    I just filed a bug report and discovered that my V19 isn't the latest.

  • Yes, there are notification options in your account.

    But I would say they often come quite late, or present
    a localized version from my country which I am not
    interested in.
    That means that I always go through all download
    options of Shape and Bricscad on the website,
    and normally have it installed a few days before I get
    a message.
    I already know it by heart, which is the most current
    Mac, Linux and Win version of Shape/Bricscad I have
    already installed. Search for the release date anyway
    to double check though.

    It works well and recent for Beta versions though.

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