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Multileader, can't add text

I'm following the exercise, "Add and modify multileaders", which can be found here:

On step 5, it says, "In the multiline text editor, type STRAP TIE"

I see a kind of editor, and even though I press keyboard keys, nothing happens. If I click somewhere else on the drawing at that point, then the multileader loses focus. I can then click on the multileader, and the properties editor appears on the right of the screen for it. There is a field, "contents," and when I try to put something in there, the text properties box reappears and it looks like I'm in the editor session again, but I can't enter anything.

Any help would be great with this.


  • You can edit the mleader by two ways.
    1. double click mleader text
    2. type "ddedit" at command line. and select mleader

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