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Best OpenGL Settings

Could be a v19 Mac Problem in general (Structure Tree ?)
but any File above 30 MB seems to lag for me after some time of working.
Meanwhile any of my IFC import tests, even smaller ones are lagging.

I remember that there was anywhere a discussion about specific
OpenGL Settings that may work better. And that I did changes in v18
after that.
But as hard as I tried to search, I don't find it anymore.
AFAIK it was about GL-Swapmode or such things.

I have still more than enough of 24 GB RAM on my "old" nMac Pro 6 core.
2*D700 with 6 GB VRAM. macOS Mojave 10.14.4.
I use BIM or Model View Mode (Shaded, no transparency) no Antialiasing.
I have all multi-threading on nut also tried without.
Sub 1000 BIM Objects, all Solids.

Does anyone know best Hardware Settings in Settings for RedSystem on Mac ?


  • Hmmh,
    every View change, like freezing Layers or switching between
    Shaded and Wireframe Mode feels like taking hours.
    But it doesn't work better in v18 Mac either.

    Basically a small Test File, I would need much larger Models.
    DWG size 80 MB only,
    BC needs 4 GB RAM only

    Mojave or general RedSDK on Mac problem (?)

    Model rotates flawlessly in 3D View,
    but whenever something is loaded in or unloaded from GPU,
    it just takes too long.
    Works totally smooth in Vectorworks.

  • Hello Michael, there is a fair change that MTFLAGS will make a big difference, to use multiple threads during open, regen, redraw...

    MTFLAGS is not enabled by default as using multiple threads increases the risk on timing-related crashes. That said, we treat MTFLAGS instabilities with priority, as it can give a very considerable performance boost.

    You can also try to change the visual style, between 2dwireframe and any other redsdk-rendered style. If that makes a considerable difference, I'd like to know - the two visual style flavours should be on par performance-wise.

    Less likely the settings ANTIALIASSCREEN and GLSWAPMODE may have positive impact on the performance.
    The default of ANTIALIASSCREEN should be low enough as not to cripple performance, but if it is increased a few steps it will bring performance down non-linearly. A wrong GLSWAPMODE typically results in display artifacts, less likely in lower performance.

  • Hi Tijs,
    I had all MT to ON at the beginning. I switched all view related MT OFF
    to see if that was the problem. As it didn't change anything I switched
    them ON again. I also think MT improves a lot.
    Visual Style is my Problem.
    VW at one time started to keep both, Wireframe and shaded 3D OpenGL,
    in GPU like 3D Mesh Apps do between Shaded, Wireframe and Hidden Line.
    That made switching instantly.
    In Bricscad Mac it looks like there is a complete GPU reload between both.
    For me switching takes a long as when OpenGL is loaded after opening the file.
    If this isn't designed to be that way there could be something wrong.
    (Maybe I should try standard Wireframe instead of 2D Wireframe ?)
    I have AA off in Bricscad as I know its demand.
    GLSWAP was default 0. I looked at v18 settings and saw it was changed to
    1 after the tip from that thread I don't find anymore and I did not know
    what it really does.
    So I set v19 SWAP to 1 as well. At least it is not worse.
    I will check for artifacts (in geometry ?)
    The only Display Problems I noticed in v19 Mac is that the cursor does often
    use an inappropriate Cursor Symbol in the wrong situation,
    (Or are my SR'ed crippled DYNDIM input fields part of that ?)
    or Refresh Issues with Selections and Highlights not going away,
    or that Bricscad is so busy with something else that it ignores a click on
    View Widget to change my View Rotation but starts a Selection Marquee
    (BC Mac can stay in such state and go on with Selection Marquees even
    when I click in a Panel. Multiple ESCs and letting BC recover for some
    Minutes may bring it back.

    I was used to switch Visibilities in the past by freezing Layers and never
    had lags with it. Here I started to stay with on/off instead, to not reload.
    I assume Isolating from Structure Tree is or should be a simple on/off also,
    without a need to reload GPU.
    For me it looks like it would work ok at the beginning but get slower
    and slower over time working.

    Leaving REF Edit Modes or switching Isolations from Structure Tree
    can take many many seconds.

    EDIT 1
    Block Edit works better or faster than REFEDIT !?

    EDIT 2
    After restarting Mac Pro Yesterday, BC crashed 3 times when trying to
    open that (NDA) file.
    Recover seems to have worked.
    (just that I miss geometry again, Surfaces of VW's crippled Stair Objects)
    Will see if tha makes things better ...

  • There is of course also the lag for creating Autoback files that could
    be misunderstood for GPU lags.
    Meanwhile I switched it back from 5 to 12 minutes.

    (I wonder though why it needs so much time to save 170 MB DWGs.
    the current cleaned up file was attached to SR 90155)

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