Costantly Crashes on Mac

Hi everybody, I'm currently using the new trial version of Bricscad 19, waiting for this after some months of 18 version. I tought that crashes using it (extending lines and polyline from grips, stretching windows, etc.) will be reduced with the new version, but actually I continue to have various problems working on it. I don't know if there is some setting to check to help me solve this stressful problem (5 crashes in one hour, just for give the idea). The situation seems like the one I experimented with the 18 (always on mac, a macbook pro mid 2015).

Anyone has some advice to help me?


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    I encountered the same problem on V19, waiting for advice, thanks.

  • For me, basically it is reasonably stable - crash wise.
    Sometimes it freezes and I shut it down.
    (Yes, can easily be 10 times a day)

    It is far from the experience with a Windows Version though.

    But it would help a lot if all would write Support Requests as soon
    as they find a problem that can be reproduced (at least for you).
    I tend to ask the Forum first, to make sure it is really a bug and not
    a user error, then I'll open Service Requests.
    If you can provide a description and special demo files so they can
    understand and reproduce the problem - they really will fix it.

  • I am also testing the 2019 trial on Mac. I have to say, I am totally intrigued by the creativity of this BIM workflow. I love how clean it is. It seems snappy and flexible. The simple CAD aesthetic is a plus over burdened big BIM packages. My other choices are Sketchup (not powerful enough, glitchy) and ArchiCAD (Overly complex, expensive), and BricsCAD is a perfect middle ground. I am willing to put in the work to learn the details of delivering drawings in this software, but the crashing and glitches are giving me serious pause. I think the autosave is reasonably diligent, so it seems workable - or nearly workable. There are some other errors that keep popping up that might kill my interest in buying. Some poly solids keep gluing themselves and erasing model information. I can't model if information keeps getting dumped and the toolbars do random hiding/visibility errors.

    I'm on Mojave 10.14.5 on a late 2014 Retina iMac 27". So close, but unless I can count on stability improvements I can't buy.

    I'm thinking of moving to Linux though, and the option with this software is a big sell. Sounds like they don't have as many stability problems.

  • So far I think Mac and Linux are pretty on par.
    And behind Windows where it feels like a standard app.
    I hope and think it will change with v20.

  • Just started working with Mac version 19.2.05 and it has crashed multiple times per day over the last two days. It looked so promising...why not get it right and maybe the Mac version will take off.

  • The same here with Mojave 10.14.5 in a 2017 Retina iMac 27" with 64 gb RAM. Editing grips and stretching seem to bring up most crashes. I already sent a SR. In fact i did send several SR...
    By the way, which value for CROSSHAIR SIZE have you set? I found i have more issues if the value is bigger than 10-15.
    I really expect V20 will be much more like the Windows version.

  • Crosshair full screen cursor never worked on Mac so far.

    It often crashes already when opening files.
    An IFC import from Windows version in that case, constantly.
    But when I wanted to file a SR it opened fine.
    And I played some hours repairing DWG import geometry
    without a single crash or problem.
    Structure Panel is completely nuts on Mac though.
    And lots of accidental selection highlights.
    UI customization also gets more and more scary over time.
    Lots of lags when Block or Ref editing.

    So for me it is quite a different level than Windows but not
    constantly crashing. I could work with BC Mac when needed.

  • A question... do you have boundary detection enabled in the selection modes? If yes turn it off and see if it makes a differences.

    When I am using mechanical components and inserting those into a drawing there is a more than average chance this may crash BricsCAD when the boundary detection and ESNAP are on and I hover slightly too long over other objects before actually placing the component. This may also happen when moving objects etc. It is almost as if it detects too many snap options to handle or that it can't decide between detecting a boundary for extrusion or snapping to the object and gets into a loop that causes BricsCAD to crash.

    With boundary detection turned off (until you need it and temporarily turn it on) but ESNAP still on the chance of BricsCAD crashing is greatly reduced in my case. Maybe this might help you with reducing the number of crashes.

  • I have Boundary detection off.
    I generally use Solid Selection only,
    in special cases I temporarily switch on a single Sub Selection Mode
    and immediately back when I'm done ....

    But I see that a constant Freeze when I marquee select Faces + Polylines
    and try to deactivate all Polylines from Structure Tree.
    (To delete the Faces only)
    I have many Objects hidden so (de-)selecting Polylines from Structural Tree
    may mean to select the hidden Polylines first and maybe another SHIFT
    Select in Tree to de-select them again ...
    But befor Bricscad answers that question it freezes.

    Generally all those Autocad Compatibility Absurdities like
    changing Object's Layers to active Layer when extruding from a 2D Element,
    Layer activation if a Layer was off or frozen, loosing Selection after using
    a Command, ....
    plus the jumping Structure Tree that forgets to reset the Scroll Area after
    being collapsed,
    still drive me heavily crazy.

    Oh, how good could Bricscad be if it would have been founded on any other
    Software than Autocad.

  • Lots of crashes!
    I get them while working in simple 2D drawings, often when noting, changing from paper space to model space, or adjusting the size of a viewport. Seems mostly random for me.
    Currently using V19 on a 2015 iMac with 16GB. I'm now logging each crash and will submit a new support request soon.
    Re: the crosshair issue
    I had problems with settings greater than 10 in V18 (I really like 100). V16 and V17 worked fine. Support told me to set _CROSSHAIRDRAWMODE to 3 and restart BCAD. That worked for me, and now I can set crosshairs to 100.

  • Interesting,
    I will try your crosshair solution too.

    Currently I have Bricscad freezing very often in Block Edit
    Mode. When trying such unconventional things like setting
    a Material to a Layer and such things.
    Combinations that may be far out from any testing routines.


    That seems to really work now !
    That makes me happy ....

  • I've been using CROSSHAIR SIZE=100 + CROSSHAIRDRAWMODE=3 since BC V18, but I realized that made the command CUI take 35 seconds to load the first time (SR already sent). I ignore which other impact that has over BC. Since then I keep installation values.

  • It seems V19.2.12 fixes crashes when stretching entities or editing grips. Has anyone tried it?

  • Crosshairdrawmode = 3 gives me a black box that shows an orbit icon when I orbit (normal looking), but otherwise it's a black box as crosshair... very strange. Not workable.

    Crosshairdrawmode = 1 seems to be fine for me. I don't know what crosshairdrawmode is supposed to do, but it might be a way around some bugs.

  • @Michael Mayer said:

    That seems to really work now !
    That makes me happy ....

    I have a nice crosshair cursor now.
    But since I changed that setting, I have so many selection highlight
    issues with objects staying highlighted that I very often need to

    Has anybody else noticed that or is it file related ?

  • Michael Mayer
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    Bricscad and Shape for Mac got recently updated.
    (Also there were 1-2 small macOS Updates)

    I played withe them and for me it doesn't work as well
    as Windows version at all.
    (That may apply to Linux version in the same manner ?)
    Before I fill support requests and it ends again in the advice
    to delete my Bricscad "config", I would like to get some feedback.

    On Mac, "L-type solids connection" does only work when I select
    the first Solid and hover over the second Solid to choose the command
    from Quad.
    It will no more work when I select 2 Solids at one time, like it still does on
    Windows. Command Line will give me a "error : no database"
    That was yesterday. Restarting did not help.
    EDIT :
    Strangely, today it works as it should.
    It works in Bricscad, but not in Shape !

    The Adaptive Grid works when creating new Geometry but often
    failed when editing objects or even when just moving objects.
    together with POLAR losing its axis lock.

    In many commands like e.g. when you started BIMDRAG, you could
    cycle through Faces by TAB key, to set from where your DYNDIM starts
    to input a certain distance from other objects.
    (lately upgraded to instantly jump to a Face where you hover your cursor)
    This is very handy.
    It still works on Windows but was lost on Mac and Linux, Bricscad and Shape.

    My custom QUAD settings seem to get lost after a restart.
    (E.G. I prefer to have 8 buttons instead of 6 in QUADWIDTH)

    A good thing,
    Shape got back its "Lock Horizon" for 3DConnection Space Navigators,
    to avoid trackball like rotation in 3 Axis and work like standard view rotation.

  • Michael Mayer
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    for me Bricscad for Mac V20.2.04 BIM constantly freezes or crashes if I :

    • open Profile Panel
    • select EURO standard
    • click on I-Shape Icon

    ... Bricscad disappears.

    Does it work for you ?

  • ^ I think the support found a Bug here.

    Which may be global (hopefully!) and when fixed may improve
    my overall Bricscad on Mac experience.

    I always thought that Bricscad Mac and Linux have basically the same
    problems (mostly GUI and Structure Browser). However Linux felt
    always more stable and less crash prone to me.

    The problem here is that Bricscad crashes in the Profile Panel example
    when the Cursor is moved while clicking. You can provoke that by
    dragging the Mouse when clicking Profile Type Icons.
    (There is no such problem on Windows or Linux)
    And the whole time I used Bricscad on Mac with my Wacom Cintiq Display
    with Pen Input. And when clicking with the Pen you can't avoid Cursor
    movements for LMB clicks in any way.
    Since, for other resons, I switched my Mac back to a standard Monitor
    and Mouse input and I care about not moving my Mouse when clicking,
    I could work half a day without any crashes now.

    That sounds very promising.

  • The problem here is that Bricscad crashes in the Profile Panel example
    when the Cursor is moved while clicking. You can provoke that by
    dragging the Mouse when clicking Profile Type Icons.

    20.2.06 now,
    unfortunately still crashing.

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