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Teigha Table Row and Column Count Setter failure [.NET]

Working with the CsBrxMgd Project .. cleaning up Errors and warnings ..

There is a failure with the Teigha Table Row and Column Count Setter

The warning and error as reported by my compiler ( VS 2019, NET 4.7.1 )
The report is as shown in the piccy, so I needn't regurgitate it.
The Reflector view of // Module TD_Mgd.dll Version: 4e794c44-d485-4d80-abb5-de42c903360d
shows that no setter is available.

I can and will use the depricated Table.NumRows property BUT the Table.Rows.Count setter needs fixing.

DatabaseSample_BRXMGD 2019-04-26_17-01-00.png
1388 x 971 - 188K
Teiga.DatabaseServices 2019-04-26_17-05-34.png
873 x 530 - 60K


  • I always use Table.SetSize when creating a table

  • edited April 26

    Thanks Daniel
    ... I just noticed that in Reflector and left a note to do some research
    < virtual black jelly-beans transmitted>

    Stay Well.

    Works a treat !
    Thanks Dan

  • edited April 26

    Also, an advisory note for future users

    Compiling to AnyCPU on an x64 machine causes the following COM warnings.
    The warnings are not shown if the Solution Platform is set to x64


    COM WARNING 2019-04-26_17-34-12.png
    1028 x 628 - 80K
  • edited April 26

    Oooops ... Needs Looking at I think ..
    ( VS 2019, NET 4.7.1 )

    ComReference 2019-04-26_18-02-35.png
    1386 x 480 - 91K
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