Grids in Shape 19?

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Does it possible to draw Grids Rectangular or Polar ?

There are present in the Context Menu but...or there is a little trick ?


  • Indeed.
    It selects through the Quad. No matter if upper or lower row used.

    For me it looks like Grids aren't intended or included in Shape,
    as they don't appear anywhere in Tool Icons or Menus either.
    So more a little problem of the default Quad Presets in Shape.

    But who knows.
    I think it's a task for the Support.

  • What do mean by "Quad" It's a Shape's Icon ?

  • Michael Mayer
    edited April 2019

    Ahm, Quad - that interface thing in the video that appears under your
    mouse cursor and holds the Tool Icons, is called "Quad (Cursor Menu)"
    in Bricscad. Don't know how to better describe that :)

    I never thought much about its name ....
    (Maybe it had only 4 Tool Entries at the beginning when it was
    first released)

  • Pilou
    edited April 2019

    Ok that is more more clear! And a pity that Grids effectively appear inside don't be possible drawn...
    I can always import a Grid from a SKetchUp file! :)!

  • Yes,
    beside that I love Grids and Bricscad's implementation is cool in itself,
    these are mainly used in a supportive way for Bricscad's BIM features
    like Curtail Wall or AI Propagate,
    which are reserved for the full Bricscad BIM version.

    Nevertheless the Grid itself is something to debate, wether or not it
    should be available in Shape.
    If not, the Grid Tool Icons should disappear from Shape's Quad.
    (Like all the available but deactivated Bricscad Command Tools in
    3D Connexions driver preset offers for Shape)

  • Pilou
    edited November 2019

    OK the Bricsys support is advised of this bug...and seems to want erase from the Shape!
    else now i have a French version like your English one! :)
    test in few fun direct modeling in 20.1.06

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