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broken links in bricscad help page

in this page, there are several broken links:
if one tries to find a place to signal these problems, he/she discovers that there is a kind of circular reference to "broken links and website problems" which leads nowhere.
So i put it here, as there is no other way, at bricsys, to say it...


  • Dear Horia
    The links in the 3D Navigate article are repaired now. Thank you for reporting.

  • edited April 29

    In addition to my previous post I want to insist to file a support request to report such issues. I saw this message just by accident, so I could fix the problem right away. Otherwise it would have passed unnoticed. When sending in a support request, the problem is sent to the right analyst automatically and therefore garantees the problem is taken care of as soon as possible.

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    Well, thanks for your kind reply!
    However, why do you insist to let me do the work of Bricscad staff?
    1) they should post a simple address or form, where a person that finds trouble on their website, can simply signal it to the staff! (without having to log in to the forum, or even to the support request!)
    2) they should correct the completely erroneous way of misleading a normal visitor of the page, by telling him "for problems with this webpage, please go there..." and then leave him in LIMBO, as the shortcuts are letting the visitor walk in circles and never get any place to put their observation!
    3) if one takes his 10 minutes to log into the forum, and to still signal the problem, then he should be thanked, and not requested to do even MORE gratis work for a company that is earning enough money!

    All these problems belong to Bricsys, not to me or any other occasional visitor of their website! So THEY are the ones that should do more effort, not me!

    More than this, it is about a page that should serve as a HELP for users that already payed money. So that page should really work flawless, aside that it is not my duty to take care of its repair!

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