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Bricscad test version - trouble using it as non-admin user

I am trying to install a test version of Bricscad V19, and have the following problem:

  • I am using, as Microsoft always recommends (from security reasons), a non-admin user in my daily life on the computer
  • So I am installing the Bricscad as an admin and then trying to run it as a normal user (non-admin)
  • this doesn't work, even if I set the Bricscad to start as an administrator (changing those settings in windows for the shourtcut of Bricscad)
  • I discovered that I only can use bricscad if I am logged-in as an administrator, in Windows. Starting it as an administrator, from within the non-admin user account, does not work.

  • This is cumbersome, so I need to use it from a normal user account.
    The test time would not matter so much, but I definitely do not want to buy a software that obliges me to start the "admin" user in Windows, all the time...

I am using windows 7 SP1

thanks in advance for any help!


  • First do you have Bricscad installed in Program Files ? Best to install it there.
    Second you may have to change the permissions for certain files. Go to program files and select brics cad folder and right click it and select properties and try changing it's permissions. It may take some fiddling.

    I can use BricsCAD on my non-admin account so I know it's possible.

  • @DFLY
    thank you for your reply and recommendations!
    I will try to change the file permissions... I presume, I need to allow a non-admin user to access and change them...

    I also sent a support request, but never got any answer. Now I know it is better to post in the forum here :)

  • edited May 9

    I just tried to make the whole folder+files completely transparent/accessible. (granted all rights to my non-admin user)
    No luck:
    It didn't help at all...
    When starting bricscad as an admin, under the restricted (normal) user account, it says always the same ("it's not possible to access the path or file... you do not have enough rights...")

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    Ok. I haven't set up Brics CAD for a while, but there may have been an option to install for all users, and not just the person installing. Maybe fist go back and try to clean install and look for that option as you go through.

    I just noticed you are using windows 7 so file paths may be different.

    But check in c:\Users\your non admin name \AppData\BricSys to see if there is a Bricsys or bricscad folder in there. AppData is hidden, so you'll have to turn on hidden files.

    Bricscad should have set up these files when installing.

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