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how to copy standard parts library to another computer

Hi all, i use Dropbox to work on current drawings from both work and home. How do you synchronise the parts library for both computers?
I haven't been using Bricscad very long and i constantly create new components, I am a sheet metal designer using V19 Mechanical, all help appreciated.


  • I think what you are looking for is in ...Users ->YourName-> AppData->Roaming ->BricsCAD->V19x64->Support->Xhardware.
    That is if you are using windows.
    So First Back up the files you are going to paste into, so you can fix it if it all goes wrong.
    Then copy your files from one computer to the other computer. As long as the components are on both computes it should work.
    But if you need constant updating you would have to put your extra files (not all) on drop box add an extra address to "Support File Search Path" in Options.
    You'd have to set up the support file search path on both computers.
    Not sure how much freedom you work gives you to fiddle with the work computers.

  • Thank you, I also figured that out today, and will give it a try. I appreciate the help.

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