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Equal Division Between 2 Points

I frequently need to divide up a distance between 2 points along a single direction. I know that I can draw a line and use the Divide command. However, being lazy I would like to do this without drawing a line.
Is this possible?


  • Dear Walter
    Do you know about the 'Snap to the middle of two points' entity snap? See

  • Thanks for your reply Louis. However, in my case the number of divisions could be any number other than 2 EG 3,45 .....; etc.

  • You can use the R option of the Scale command to divide a distance.

    I use the Scale command a lot, and nearly always with the R option, so I use a custom version of it that automatically puts it in R mode:

    (defun c:ScaleR ()
    (princ "Select objects to be Scaled: ") (setq ss1 (ssget))
    (setq p1 (getpoint "Pick base/reference point"))
    (command "Scale" ss1 "" p1 "R" p1)  
    (while (> (getvar "cmdactive") 0) (command pause))  )
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