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Linetypes created in CivilCad

Why does a gap appear between the start of a line & the linetype display? This is occurring with linetypes which have come from Civilcad. How can I fix this? It does not happen in Autocad.

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  • AFAIK this behavior is also standard in AC. Perhaps the CivilCAD application has a custom way of dealing with linetypes?

  • The best way around this is to reset the links that the dwg looks for linetypes, it is possibly better to use a autocad or briscad linetype substituting the Civilcad ones. This is something we implemented to remove the error message about looking for missing shp's etc. Which linetype is it ? There are a number of linetypes that Civilcad/magnet produces that can cause real performance issues the worst is dot we had drawings taking 5 minutes to open till we found which linetypes caused the problem.

    I have a program that does the following
    converts civilcad blocks to bylayer properties
    Solid line in blocks removed
    Solid linetype replaced by Continuous
    Various linetypes replaced by Autocad linetypes
    Delete ccad point block but maintain a Autocad 3d point on correct layer.
    Re organise all the layer settings colors & linetypes
    Adds EX_ to start of layer name to signify its field data.

    If you want more info just ask. happy to look at your dwg's

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