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Can anyone else verify if I have found a bug here...

I believe I have found a bug in the dimension side of things. As I'm new to BricsCAD I want to verify that it is not just me messing up before I report this as a bug....

  • Set your units to decimal.
  • Set your Dimstyle to Standard
  • Draw a polyline and try putting some dimensions on it.
  • You'll notice the dimensions enter as 23,15 (as example), instead of 23.15.
  • OK, so you're thinking I need to set the DIMSEP variable and make sure it's a period ( ".").
  • Set it, and regen. No change, right?
  • In fact, you can set that DIMSEP variable to anything you want and it doesn't seem to have any effect.
  • However, the little picture of a dimensioned part in the Drawing Explorer window shows the changes one makes to the DIMSEP variable.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

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Best Answer

  • No doubt you mean the DIMDSEP variable. If you change the DIMDSEP variable in that manner you are not modifying a dimension style but setting an override that will affect new dimensions. To change existing dimensions you can use the 'Apply Dimension Style' tool in the 'Dimensions' toolbar.
    But in general it is undesirable to create dimensions with overrides. It is better to change the DIMDSEP setting in the dimension style. Dimensions without an override will then update automatically. In other cases you have to use the already mentioned 'Apply Dimension Style' tool.
    To check if there are current overrides you can use the _-DimStyle command (notice the dash in the name).

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