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What happened to Boundaries ?

I never tried that in previous Bricscad Versions but I am not
able to get any Boundary over more than one 2D Object.
(Something like a Boolean Union, as the Tool Icon promises)

I can only get the "Fill Bucket" or Boolean Intersection Mode
of any 2D Geometries.
TAB or CTRL doesn't switch any Boundaries,
The Draw/Boundary Tool says 5 Selected, 0 created,
and if I trie harder - Bricscad v19 Win crashes.

I am I doing it wrong or is there something broken ?


  • Booleans are for regions. First convert polylines to regions and then use booleans.

  • edited May 2019

    Thanks CADMebel,
    Although I recently learned that Regions are ACIS (Solids?),
    Boolean Operations only work for real Volume Solids.

    But I mentioned Booleans only to describe that "Boundary Selection Mode"
    or (2D?) Boundary Tool for me will only work for interior Boundaries
    inside Borders of any 2D Edges.
    What ever I try, I can't get them to select the whole outer Area of
    e.g. 2 Overlapping Rectangles.
    Basically what their Icon shows and promises - and what I think to have
    seen in Videos in the past.

    If you hover an edge, coming from the inside it will choose the next
    inner Border - if you hover over the edge coming from outside,
    it would choose the Boundary around ALL Objects.
    That is what I remeber.

  • Try this lisp routine by Lee Mac -

  • edited May 2019

    Thanks for the Lisp CADMebel.

    I may have dreamed or wishful thinking.
    Also tried in v18 on Mac.
    Looks like that "outer Boundary" Feature never existed.

    I was thinking about that Video, but inner Boundaries only ....

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