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Polylines and or Regions

edited June 2019 in 2D Drafting

My proposals for Polylines :

When drawing a Polyline ...

And clicking again on my previous point,
Bricscad should ignore these clicks and NOT add mor vertices.
(Or if it really does, it should let me separate these multi Vertices
be dragging them away and not drag all of them)

If I my last click snaps to the start point,
Bricscad should automatically close the Polyline, end the Tool and
do NOT add a second Vertex at that corner.
(Which is quite faster than a "c"+ENTER)

When editing a Polyline ...

~~There should be an option to not only be able move (a single!) Vertex
or Edge, but to also Marquee Select Multiple Vertices at a time to
a) manipulate
b) delete (all) selected Vertices (at a time)~~
EDIT : Already there.

~~An Option to add a new Vertex into a Segment between 2 existing Vertices
to extend the Polyline.~~
EDIT : Already there.

A Rectangle funktionality, where 4 Vertex Polylines keep their 90° angle
when pulling at a Corner.
(Until you press ALT to behave like a standard Polyline, like Microstation does ?)
Option for Numeric Input Length/Width
Plus another option KEY like SHIFT to also lock the Aspect Ratio of the Rectangle

Boolean Functions like Union and Subtract for multiple overlapping Polylines.
Basically what Boundary Tool (should) does, but with destructive Auto Deleting
Sources, or not, options

For keeping Autodesk Compatibility ...

I would not mind to just extend all that Functionality by the Region Objects,
with all that Circle, Rectangle, N-Gon options for new "Region Creation"
and Region "Editing Modes.


  • @Michael Mayer said:

    There should be an option to not only be able move (a single!) Vertex
    or Edge, but to also Marquee Select Multiple Vertices at a time to
    a) manipulate
    b) delete (all) selected Vertices (at a time)

    You may already know this one but if a polyline is first selected (vertices and midpoints highlighted) then by holding the Shift key multiple vertices and segment mids can be selected. They will keep their mutual orientations while being dragged.

  • Thanks Richard.
    Indeed I forgot about that.
    (I see it works when I press Shift already BEFORE I select the next Vertex,
    otherwise it will immedeately start dragging my first Selection)

    But whatever I try, I can't delete any Vertex.
    Only the whole Polyline.

  • This was my basic Tool repertoire I was used to work with 2D Polygons :


    Anmerkung 2019-05-26 173537.jpg
    783 x 463 - 44K
  • #4:
    Try the _Pedit or _PeditExt command.

  • Thanks Roy,

    PEDIT is what I get by double clicking the Polyline.
    There is an Add Vertex, which isn't very handy ...
    Inserts between current selected Vertex
    (selecting by cycling through all ?)
    and the "next" Vertex.

    PEDITEXT was new to me.
    It can Add (a single) Vertex in a nearly controlled way into a segment.
    And even delete a segment.
    After that the tool immedeately closes.

  • To delete a polyline segment, hover it or select it with Ctrl+click, and choose the Remove Segment tool from the Quad menu.

    To manipulate a polyline segment, select it with Ctrl+LongClick (long = to bring up the Manipulator) - besides moving also rotating is supported.
    To manipulate multiple polyline segments, select multiple segments and for at least one of them use LongClick so the manipulator comes up.

  • Thanks Hans,
    Very good idea. I looked into it again with Quad.
    It is just a delete Vertex that I missed but it works with delete Segment.
    (And maybe Boolean Operations between multiple Polyline Areas)
    Also there is an add Vertex.
    It works much better for me with CTRL-Selections + Quad now than
    with PEDITs.

    So my wishes 3. and 4. are obsolete ....

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