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Camera View to Viewport in paper space

Hello. I am trying to find out how to set named camera view (perspective view for the house) in viewport I have in paper space for printing. When I type "view" command and try to set one of camera view I created in model space, it will gives me an error message "Cannot restore a model space view into paper space". I have been using autoCAD and use "view" command and select named camera view to "set current" and apply to the specific viewport. BricsCAD does not allow it so? If not, how do you print out your 3D model with title block etc? I really appreciate any help!! Thank you in advance.

BricsCAD error.jpg
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  • You have to activate the viewport first.

  • Not experienced with paper space.
    But when I create Camera in model space,
    it will be automatically added to my "Views" in Drawing Explorer.
    I think that is just like any other "saved views",
    which could potentially be also available from Viewports in paper space (?)

  • Thank you sooo much for replying, Roy and Michael. Michael, your answer to another my question helped me. I do not this is correct but it works for now. Instead of specifying named camera view in "view" command, double click my viewport and double click camera that I want to use. I do not know this is correct way but so far working! Again, thank you soooo much!

  • Fine.

    double click my viewport and double click camera that I want to use.

    So I learned something new too ....

  • Again, thank you so much, Michael!!!! :) :)

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