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18.2.20 - strange display of hatch DOTGRID

18.2.20 - German X64

My new created drawing has only a polygon and a hatch inside it, type DOTGRID. When changing the boundaries to ..

  • a small, long "one line" area, it reduced the number of displayed dots to 50%
  • a small, high "one column" area, it reduces the dots to a line

Images and DWG attached.
(AutoCAD map 2018 does it well..)

What's wrong?

745 x 683 - 35K
1303 x 663 - 36K
1329 x 661 - 36K


  • edited June 2019

    Yes, same here. When switching to visual style other than 2dwireframe dots are visible as squares. Toggling the line weight also makes dots to disappear. In AutoCAD 2020 it is OK.

  • @ Bricsys Support:
    Some remarks?
    Bug or feature?

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