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Moving toolbars

I cannot move the standard Drafting (toolbars) around. Everything I've read says to left click and drag the toolbar (i'm assuming on the 5 dots on the edge of each toolbar) but nothing happens.
When I add a new toolbar I can left click move, but I can't get it to snap into a vertical position.


  • Ctrl left click lets me move the toolbar, but I still can't get them to snap into a vertical position on the perimeter of my workspace.

  • Which version running on which OS?

  • Trial version of Ultimate on Windows 10.

  • Resolved!
    ....progress update.
    so I was trying customize/toolbars then trying to change the 'position'.
    I've figured out that customize/workspaces is where I need to be to change the toolbar position.
    FYI I've used ACAD for 20 years and making the change to Ultimate version for BIM capablilites.
    I'm a plumbing designer and I'm looking forward to any future MEP additions to BricsCAD.

  • edited June 2019

    MEP functionality is already available in the BIM module.

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