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4D modelling with other Hexagon products

Hi all
new to BricsCAD and to the CAD world, I was testing it and appreciate the clean interface, the compatibility with DWG and IFC formats and the auto BIM and category tools.
I'm working on a project where is needed to integrate a BIM project model with a construction planning, so to generate a construction simulation.
Appear BricsCAD didn't have this capability, I was considering if there are other Hexagon products that can be integrated with BricsCAD to obtain this capability (in the same way let's say Synchro Pro is inintegrated with Primavera and Microstation).
As example HxGN Smart Build.


  • Take a look at you tube video "Building on top of BricsCAD BIM" (first 14 minutes). We have presented a case study. At 10:14, we talk about how we can use the structure browser in BricsCAD BIM to create and display a project timeline. It does not explain in technical detail, but the idea is to add timeline information to the BIM elements and filter them as per the project phase to show how the construction will progress. Its pretty basic and may not be adequate if you want to do a video simulation, but I thought I'd share this with you in case it is helpful.

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    Thanks @Shiv. Yes the idea is creating this kind of animation but much more realistic and controllable in term of point of view etc.
    Meaning we can't do it in BricsCAD, but we need still to link the BIM project elements with the activities of an execution plan created in let's say Primavera or Project.
    After creating this link BIM project / project plan we will need to export these link in a format readable from an external renderer so that he know what to show at what time.
    Any suggestion how to achieve that in BricsCAD.
  • Hi @davide445, sorry for the late response. I remember a customer asking for this, and after some discussions, we concluded that it was possible. I had suggested them to define properties at the BIM Building Element level and then export them to the project planning software. In case of any changes in the BIM model, you export again and import them again. Since each BIM element is uniquely identified by a GUID, this should allow changes to be managed. This is not a very concrete response with steps and commands, but if you want that I will have to do a trial myself and get back to you.

  • Hi @Shiv thanks again for your answer. Indeed this is a solution to create a link.
    A step more will be to automatically match a project plan with the BIM model, so to didn't need to manually assign every task to every item or group of items
    Another option is to directly generate a plan from the BIM model itself, considering logical rules such as starting from i.e. IfcBuildingStorey and next from Floor 0 components and next from IfcColumn etc.
    There is any other useful experience you can share on this topic.

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