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Tiny buttons on high dpi (4K) screens

There is a scaling issue on high dpi (4K) screens.

The global display scaling in Ubuntu/Gnome only affects the font sizes in BricsCAD.

I have to switch to the largest Icon size, that's ok for the toolboxes, but all other GUI elements like spinbuttons, menu icons, the navigation elements in the model/layout tabs area and icons in panels are extremly small.

Is there any way to enlarge these GUI elements, too?


  • Even in the Windows Version there are some UI Elements
    that ignore scaling. Like the first row of header text boxes in
    Layer Palette.
    On Mac I have a few Problems with DYNDIM number boxes.

    On Linux it is a bit worse.
    AFAIK I had even Problems with Fonts or corresponding boxes
    when in standard non-scaled low res Mode on a 30" 2560x1600.
    Maybe there are even different behaviors between Gnome/KDE/XFCE
    Desktop Environments (?)

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